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Avatar autora Alena Šabková | 17.9.2022
BK Avatar autora Bedřich Kameník | 14.4.2022
Ano, velice
MT Avatar autora Martin Thornton | 15.2.2022
I am proud to be the owner of the first Mycello to be delivered to the UK. As an enthusiastic cello player I watched with interest the development of this unique instrument; so clever in its design and manufacture using 3D printing. The realisation is a truly fantastic electric cello of quality that looks and sounds way beyond its affordable price. Played without amplification there's just the right amount of volume to enjoy endless hours of practice and not disturb anyone. Add a guitar multi effect pedal with an amplified speaker and there's an endless world of fun The achievement and professionalism of the Mycello team is outstanding; from a fledgling Kickstarter project to a fully operational company in such a short time is admirable. If you love playing cello and are thinking of having an electric one, make sure you check out the MyCello website; I'm so glad I did!
JT Avatar autora Jan Tobolík (Administrátor) 15.2.2022
Thank you very much for your lovely review and satisfaction with MyCello. We do our best and we do it with heart. Your appreciation is a great joy for us. We wish you many happy moments with MyCello. ❤
V Avatar autora Veronika T. | 27.1.2022
Příjemná komunikace.
JT Avatar autora Jan Tobolík (Administrátor) 15.2.2022
Děkujeme! ❤