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mycello basic 4 4 galaxy black
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A unique quiet electric cello custom made using 3D printing technology, MyCello is able to provide the quality of a high-end instrument at a significantly lower price.

Code: A01-V44-K122
Mirror design (MyCello for left-handers)
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The "Mirror design MyCello" is designed for left-handers, including those with a left hand disability or a significant dominance of one hand.

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Mobile phone stand - MyCello Premium design
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Mobile phone stand for desk in MyCello Premium design

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for tune charm cello 4 4 set
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€107,76 excl. VAT

Cello strings For-Tune Charm set 4/4 with the best price on the market!

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fender acoustic junior go 1
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Perfect sounding electroacoustic guitar and vocals. These are lightweight, portable two-channel combos that offer not only separate EQ and volume controls, but also separate...

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Stringvision Bowgrip
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Designed as an anti-fatigue bow frog covering, the Stringvision Bowgrip offers an unprecedented level of comfort and ergonomics for the string player.  

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MyCello! MyLove!

"We wanted a cello for practicing in the apartment and on large stages, for traveling (travel cello), interesting in sound, design, colour, with the exact dimensions I am used to... and also at a low price." And now you can have one too!