Almost every component of the cello has an effect on the final sound, the strings certainly the biggest. There are several price ranges for the player to choose from, with the more expensive strings usually sounding better. Within a given price, it depends more on the player's preference. Below are the strings we have tried on MyCello. We highly recommend that you choose your strings when ordering a MyCello, so that we can already tune the instrument for the strings you choose when we make it.

For more information, see How do I choose strings?

4 items total
Struny Stagg CE 1859 ST 1
€13,44 excl. VAT

Strings Stagg CE-1859-ST - set 4/4

Code: P001
for tune charm cello 4 4 set
New Tip
€107,76 excl. VAT

Strings For-Tune Charm set 4/4

Code: P008
Strings Jargar Classic Medium set 4/4
€134,69 excl. VAT

Strings Jargar Classic Medium set 4/4

Code: P002
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€134,69 excl. VAT

Strings THOMASTIK Spirocore S31 set 4/4

Code: P003