How do I choose strings?

Basic (spare) strings Irin V80

These are some of the cheapest strings, but their quality is surprisingly good. We supply as spare strings. We do not recommend playing them for long periods of time, they are intended for emergency playing only.

The less tension of the strings.

+ The advantage, especially for beginners, is the easy reverberation (the string is easily shaken with just a gentle pull of the bow) and the soft finish (no need to push so hard with the fingers of the left hand).

- The disadvantage is (more) detuning - over time; with temperature changes; when using more bow pressure.

Stagg CE-1859-ST

Basic strings of the lowest price range. They are stretched like the basic strings on MyCello.

Great value for money

+ Soft, rich sound, great for MyCello

+ Much less tuning compared to the basic strings

- Shorter lifetime

Jargar Classic

Strings of a medium price range.

Greater string tension, 

+ Soft, rich sound, more suitable for classical music.

- Greater tuning especially of the C string when using more pressure

- Worse reverberation (more pressure is needed)

Thomastik Spirocore

Medium price range strings, see MyCello price list.

Higher string tension.

+ Long lifetime

+ Easy reverberation

+ Tuning stability

+ Long sustain for pizzicato playing

- Sharper sound, more suitable for modern music

Thomastik Superflexible

Mid-range strings.

More string tension.

+ Long lifetime

+ Tuning stability

+ Balanced sound

- Worse reverb (need to push harder)


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