MyCello recycles for an eco-friendly cello

MyCello, renowned for its 3D-printed cellos, proudly embraces an eco-friendly approach. It has joined forces with Plastic Guys in a project focused on recycling plastic waste in Brno, aiming to reduce the environmental impact of 3D printing.

But MyCello goes much further. It harnesses the power of 3D printing to craft cellos with high precision and minimal material waste compared to traditional methods. This leads to an overall lower environmental footprint throughout the manufacturing process.

The company further commits to using sustainable materials and processes across its entire operations. It supports local manufacturing, thereby reducing transportation emissions, minimizing water and energy consumption, and implementing waste management and recycling programs. MyCello thus emerges as a leader in sustainable musical instrument manufacturing.

Through these initiatives, MyCello serves as an inspiration to all those concerned with eco-conscious production and a responsible approach to the environment.