Mysterious Cellist Stuns Inkognito

In the popular entertainment show Inkognito, cellist and MyCello creator Ondřej Kratochvíl made an appearance, his profession becoming a puzzle for seasoned celebrities - Jakub Prachař, Ondřej Brzobohatý, Daniela Brzobohatá and Andrea Bezděková.

The tension mounted with Ondřej's clue: "I work with high voltage." The first guesses leaned more towards business and finance, but Ondřej's elegant suit also directed thoughts towards gambling. A wave of humor intermingled with questions like "How big is it?" and "Do you only travel by train?".


Mystery Revealed

Only after the eighth "no" did Andrea Bezděková manage to guess correctly - Ondřej Kratochvíl is a cello maker! This was followed by a fascinating demonstration of playing the MyCello, a revolutionary instrument created by Ondřej and his colleague.

From a Five-Year-Old Cellist to MyCello Inventor

"I started playing the cello at the age of five at the urging of my parents and became a teacher in adulthood," Ondřej describes his professional development. "But now I and my colleague are more involved in IT. We are the only company in the world that manufactures electric cellos. And what's even more amazing - we make them using 3D printing!"

The impetus for this innovative idea was the covid and the associated need to practice in an apartment building. "I was looking for a quiet option so as not to disturb the neighbors and my newborn son," Ondřej explains. "And we just happened to have a 3D printer at home, so we started experimenting with my colleague."

Today, they have already made hundreds of cellos and can even make them overnight. "Our cello has many advantages. We can even fold it into a violin case," Ondřej adds proudly.

MyCello in Inkognito: Ondra Showcased a Revolution in Cello Playing

During the filming of Inkognito, Ondřej showed off his talent with MyCello, playing pieces by J.S. Bach, an Armenian composer, and a modern melody. And as a gift, the guests took home MyCello stands, of course made by 3D printing.

Ondřej Kratochvíl thus proved that even in the traditional world of music, there is room for innovation and creativity. Thanks to his invention, he opens doors to new possibilities and proves that 3D printing has enormous potential in music.