Mirror design MyCello now available for left-handers!

Following our customers' requests, we are thrilled to expand our offer with the "mirror design MyCello" service, specially designed for left-handers. The story of one of our customers, who has a left-hand disability preventing her from fully playing a standard instrument, inspired us.

She reached out to see if we could help. It was a "challenge" for us that ended in success - we created the first mirror variant of our cello. As a result, she can now fully dedicate herself to playing her beloved instrument without any limitations. The inspiration from customers didn't stop there. When another customer approached us with an individual request to play on the opposite side for personal preference reasons, it became clear that this service makes sense for many more musicians, and we added it to our standard portfolio of services.

Thanks to advanced 3D printing technology, we can meet these special requests almost immediately, allowing us to offer MyCello tailored to the needs of each individual musician. This step is part of our commitment to innovate and adapt to our customers' needs, making music accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of any limitations. Or in other words, nothing is impossible! 💪🏻🙂