Introducing the new MyCello ambassador, Kateřina Jagla!

With joy, we announce that the talented Kateřina Jagla has joined the MyCello team as a new ambassador! Her passion for MyCello and creativity are contagious, and we can't wait for her to share her energy with you.

You can already check out her brand-new video on YouTube - Unboxing and Kateřina's first impressions of MyCello. Discover what surprised her the most, the features she appreciates, and, most importantly, how MyCello plays? Take a look.

Meet our new ambassador: Kateřina Jagla's profile

Music has been an integral part of her life since childhood. She played several musical instruments, but the sound of the cello clearly won. Her musical education in classical music provided excellent technical skills, but during her studies at JAMU, she began to seek a deeper meaning in music. Through experimenting with new styles, she explored the psychological aspects of music, leading her to create a mentoring program focused on building confidence. Learn more about the course on Kateřina Jagla's website.

Currently, Kateřina is dedicated to her own creations and improvisation. She collaborates on exciting musical projects such as Loco:Motion Company (a physical theater ensemble) and with the artist expandcollapse (Ester Grohová). Throughout her career, she performed with leading Czech orchestras and contributed to projects with pop and rock bands like Republic of Two and Dirty Old Dogs.

Additionally, she is involved in education and is preparing a new online program, "Cellem k sebepoznání," designed not only for novice cellists but for all musicians aspiring to develop their artistic self-awareness. The program officially launches in February 2024.

Meaningful Collaboration

We believe that you, our fans and customers, will benefit the most from our collaboration with Kateřina Jagla. She boldly addresses topics that often remain in the background, such as stage fright and self-confidence, which personally excites us. Don't forget to follow our social networks to stay up-to-date with all the latest news!