MyCello was included in a lecture at Masaryk University

Students were excited about the MyCello project

The year 2023 brought many new experiences, and one of them was a visit to the Institute of Musicology at Masaryk University in Brno at the beginning of November. Jan Tobolík, CEO of the project, and 3D printer Tomáš Zvoníček introduced our innovative musical instrument MyCello to the students during the course "Music in the context of a sustainable society".

During the presentation, they shared the story of the project's creation with the students, highlighting the difficulties involved in creating an instrument on a 3D printer with the characteristics of a cello that musicians have been used to so far. In addition, they detailed the innovations and improvements that MyCello brings compared to a traditional wooden cello.


Tomáš Zvoníček then shared information regarding his research on the acoustics of plastics, which is ongoing as part of his PhD studies at UTB. We are delighted to be able to share our passion with the next generation of music enthusiasts. Based on the feedback and the rich discussion, we can say that the students enjoyed the project and we look forward to more lectures next year!